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Signs You May Need To Replace Your Golf Cart Batteries

Even though summer is slowly ending, the golf season in Missouri is still quite alive and well! Let’s make sure your batteries are also still able to make this season a hole in one too!

There are a few ways to tell if your batteries for your golf cart are going down and need replaced.

1. Charging Time Takes Longer It is well- known you want to charge your batteries to lengthen the life of them. When the charging time increases it can sometimes be a sign that you’re looking towards needing a replacement soon. You can make a comparison from when the batteries purchased to your current situation to see if that time frame of charging does indeed now seem unreasonable.

2. The Golf Cart Loses Its Charge and Power Quickly When you were able to travel a few miles easily on your golf cart then suddenly your trips seem to lessen by miles and minutes, it becomes a significant possibility that you may have batteries going bad. Many times, an 18 hole round takes one 3-4 hours so the charge on the batteries should last at least that long.

3. Cart Accessories Also Begin Failing The accessories on most golf carts are also run by the batteries charge. If you are losing power to your CD player, radio, fridge, or even air conditioning, it maybe the batteries losing charge.

4. Acceleration on the Golf Cart Weakens When the hills you climb becomes a mountain, it may be a sign the batteries have weakened. It may seem hard to accelerate compared to the full throttle you had when you had new batteries. The gas pedal may seem more difficult to push to keep the cart going like it should.

5. Physical Flaws The batteries may offer you problems you can physically see. If that is the case, you may see abnormalities like bulging and swelling of the batteries as well as leaking. When these issues arise, you will immediately want to discard and replace as they can become a safety hazard with these issues.

6. Age of the Batteries To give an exact time frame golf cart batteries will last isn’t very realistic. There are multiple factors that play roles into the life expectancy of most batteries. The most common roles are the types of batteries purchasing, the methods in charging the batteries correctly, and the usage of the golf cart. Is this golf cart something you use seasonally just a few times to get here and there? Is it used daily as a daily driver? Only on the golf course set days of the week? Do you utilize the correct charger to keep them charged? Some batteries CAN last up to 3 years and others up 5 years but the factors play significant roles in their life.

Thankful to the following sources for excellent and helpful information:

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