To give you the best pricing we try to offer you various options in the as much sizes as possible! We try to always have in stock 3 different options for each battery size!

Blemished Batteries

These are intended as a low cost alternative to a brand new battery. Their physically new batteries that are factory- seconds, wrong size returns, blemished case, or simply just does not have a handle. Availability varies.*


$69.95 with 12 mo warranty


We also carry blemished 31 series Post and Stud for large trucks as low as $69.95- $79.95!

Reconditioned Batteries

These are our least expensive option. The battery is used and charged to OEM standards for resale purposes. To keep costs low, we offer all brands within this option. These batteries we suggest if your immediately selling your vehicle or are a dealership.
Warranty, pricing, and availability varies.*

New Batteries

The new option is the most fresh option we have available. These batteries are always available and freshly shelved for your convenience.

As low as

$79.95 with 18 mo warranty

$89.95 - $99.95   with 24 mo warranty 

Best Deal

classic cars.jpeg

*Price and warranty ranges depending on size and availability.

*All batteries are priced with exchange. There is a refundable core charge depending on the battery type added to every transaction that does not have the old battery in exchange!

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