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Recycle your batteries for cash!

Not only will we recycle lead- acid automotive batteries as well as motorcycle and SLA, but we'll also pay you cash for them!

As we know, recycling your used batteries is good for the environment but what happens when they are purchased and collected for recycling?

  • Each battery is recycled differently but for most, the process is near the same. Once we have the batteries, we properly package them on pallets for them to be transported.

  • We then have the used batteries transported to an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved facility.

  • Within the recycling facility, the batteries are then either manually disassembled or a hammer mill is used to break the batteries down.

  • The internal parts are then melted and/ or crushed.

  • The plastic, lead, metal, and battery acid are sorted and sent to specific recycling facilities.

  • The materials are then recycled into new battery components to make more batteries!

We can no longer recycle the following batteries:

Li-Ion, NiCd, NiMh, Wet NiCad, Al- CadLithium PrimaryAlkaline

*Price and warranty ranges depending on size and availability.

*All batteries are priced with exchange. There is a refundable core charge depending on the battery type added to every transaction that does not have the old battery in exchange!

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