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Frequently Asked Questions!

You've asked- and we're here to answer!

Frequently Asked Questions!

You've asked- and we're here to answer!

• Did you move locations?

Yes! We moved locations almost 5 year ago! But don't fret- we are VERY close to our old location! We used to reside at 1706 Burlington in North Kansas City but now we have moved 2 blocks east and 6 blocks south of this previous address to: 1112 Swift! We now can provide you more efficient service with a pull through bay on installations and more warehouse capacity to carry more batteries for all your battery needs!


• What are your hours of operation?

Monday - Thursday : 7:30AM - 6:00PM Friday: 7:30AM - 5:00PM

Saturday: 9:00AM - 3:00PM


• What do you sell?

As our name states, we do sell batteries! We sell batteries for your cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV's, boats, watercraft, RV, golf carts, lawn & garden, farm, steel- cased, wheelchairs, alarm systems, and even the common alkaline batteries AA, AAA, C, D, 9V.


• What do you NOT sell?

We do not carry batteries for cameras, watches, laptops, drills, home phones, cell phones, small rc cars, hybrid batteries (we only carry the auxiliary battery)


• Do you recycle batteries?

We sure do! We always take one battery in exchange for purchases (When you buy one, we price the battery based upon having the old one with you!) but if you have extra batteries you'd like to sell, we'd love to purchase them from you! We purchase the same type of batteries we sell! If you have less than 10 batteries to sell us, we will pay you individually by each one. However, if you have more than 10, we weigh them on our scale and usually, you will receive a couple extra dollars depending on how many you have! The types of batteries we do NOT sell, we will not pay to recycle either.


• Why do I get charged extra when I do not bring in the old battery when I buy a new one?

We price our batteries with the old battery included. This is called a "core". We offer a "core charge" when you do not have your old battery with you. In order to keep our prices low for you, we required the old battery; so we charge you a "core charge" that is 100% refundable when you bring back your battery with the receipt. Best part is- there is no expiration on returning the core!


• Do you offer special discounts?

We sure do! We love to show appreciation to our customers everyday! We have exclusive discounts below. We offer our batteries at wholesale pricing daily so no other discounts are valid with purchase unless within a promotion.

○ Military Discount - We love to honor those who have served and are currently serving!

○ North Kansas City Businesses (only the business owner/account)

○ Senior Discount - We love to honor you and all your knowledge!

○ Lake Waukomis - We offer a special discount to those who live in Lake Waukomis, where the owner resides!


• Do you test batteries?

We definitely can! We can test most* batteries and be able to tell you if you need to replace your battery or if we can possibly re- charge your battery for you to be able to get a little more life from it! Almost all battery checks under the hood are also COMPLETELY FREE!


• Do you install batteries?

We gladly install car and truck batteries for you! Majority of gas- powered cars and trucks with the battery located under the hood are free installations! There are small fees for diesel trucks and vehicles with batteries located under the wheel- well , trunk, passenger seat, and trunk. There, however, are some vehicles, that require installation by dealer- only. We will be able to tell you if your vehicle has this requirement.


• Do you offer warranties?

We do offer full -replacement warranties on all of our batteries except for reconditioned batteries! This means we will replace your battery without any pro- ration charges. Because we offer free replacement, we do not offer pro- ratings. There are exceptions to the replacement.


• What does your warranty not cover?

Warranty does not cover the following:

○ Explosion, fire, frozen, broken posts, cracked cases, vibration damage, faulty electrical systems (including alternators and starters), reversed charging, failure to maintain water level, removing date codes, and abuse beyond our control.

○ Proof of date of purchase is required for all warranties.


• Why don't you offer pro- rated warranties?

We have found warranties best benefit customers when they are full replacement instead of pro- rated! With a full replacement, costs are completely covered in replacing the battery while pro- rated batteries require extra fees depending on how far along in the warranty you are! Often times, with pro- ration, you wind up paying for an entirely new battery just to cover the cost of a pro- ration warranty!


• Why was I quote a price without taxes?

While we completely understand it may make things easier if we gave you the price with tax included, we do have your best interest in mind not doing so! Many times we quote you without tax in case you decide to purchase extra batteries or accessories; which will change the tax amount collected. Doing so, would have us giving you the incorrect pricing quote! We want to make sure to provide you the most accurate information!


• What are the Terms and Conditions of the Sale?

The receipt is proof of date of purchase, and predetermined adjustment warranty receipt. All Claims for adjustments must be accompanied by the receipt. Installation charges are extra for installing replacement batteries. Returns: 45- day Money- Back Guarantee



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