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What to do; what not to do when it comes to batteries!

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

When it comes to batteries, there is a lot of things that help maintain and keep the battery safe and healthy but there are ALSO many things that can hinder the batteries capabilities so we will run through a few most common mistakes and easy things to do to help your battery life extend to its fullest capabilities!

You DO:

Want to keep the batteries (especially the top) away from flame, sparks, metallic objects.

If you are charging or maintaining the battery, read all of the instructions in the manual prior to use (Yes

its a pain, but some not all chargers are the same and making sure you use the charger properly has a large say on battery longevity)

Ask questions! There is almost always an answer to most battery questions so researching or inquiring is the best option for all scenarios with batteries!

You DON'T:

Try and "fix" the battery if your unsure of the problem. If you are hesitant on what the issue may be, ALWAYS bring the battery in and we will take a look at it and help you resolve the problem!

Add water to any battery before checking with the manufacturer or with us if you purchased from us. Many batteries are filled with acid instead of just water so you could harm the battery versus doing



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