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Is Your Battery Ready For These Jaw Dropping Temperatures?

These surprisingly low temperatures have made winter here in Missouri quite cold! While some were prepared, many of us haven't taken many measurements to ensure our equipment and toys will work once the sun shines again! Well, I have a secret!

This secret is simple. Keep your battery on a maintainer on the off season! Yes, that simple! You can find several great brands on eBay and Amazon, after reading reviews of course, but we have found a brand that has ceased to amaze us in never letting us down!

While we are kind of obsessed with ALL of their products in the NOCO line, we have found great success in both the Genius 1 and Genius 2 battery charger/maintainer!

These gadgets are so small and lightweight which makes it easy to take anywhere with you. The actual charger plugs straight into the wall for less stress on cords. Then you can pull the batteries out and attach the prongs or there are attachments that attach directly to your battery within your application to fit right in there!

These work great for several toys, vehicles, boats; in both 6V and 12V. They charge batteries that have as low as 1 volt and have the ability to utilize the "Force Mode" which allows you to attempt to charge a completely dead battery.

These also make for 100% worry free charging as the new integrated thermal sensor is able to detect the temperature change and prevents over- charging in warm temperatures as well as under- charging is cooler temperatures!

We have both available for purchase at our location for as low as $30.00!* You can also purchase on our eBay store at:



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