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Frequently Asked Questions Answered For You!

  • Is there a specific way to prepare a new battery for its first use? No preparation necessary! Unless otherwise stated, your battery will be ready to go when once you complete your purchase

  • Should I let my new NOCO Jump Starter die before charging? No! You should take your jump starter home and fully charge before use. There is a manual that will also explain more helpful details. We also have found there are several YouTube tutorial videos!

  • Will it harm my battery if I use it incorrectly? Yes it can. While there are some exceptions, batteries should only be used for their initial purpose. Be sure to consult with a battery technician on any other uses as it can void the warranty and/or ruin the battery.

  • Can I take my battery off the charger before it's fully charged? Yes you can. However, while there is no "factual" proof it will always harm the battery, it is best to wait until the battery is fully charged to ensure the best quality experience used by the battery.

  • Should I use all of my golf cart batteries energy before charging? No, you want to make sure you are keeping charging within the batteries. When they are deeply discharged the batteries life usage may be shortened.

  • When I put my battery on the charger, do I have to remove it at a certain time? Will it cause harm if I don't? One of the best attributes to utiziling the NOCO charger/maintainer line is the automatic shut off. The sensor will automatically maintain instead of charger when possible overcharge may be detected.

*Big Thanks To Battery Guy and Battery University for all the helpful information in this article today.



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