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Do you know there is more than one type of warranty?

#WarrantyWednesday As the cold front nears, it is a great time to explain the confusion behind warranties! There are TWO different type of common- known warranties: Pro- Rated Warranties and Free Replacement Warranties!

Pro-Rated Warranties are calculated in the favor of the company. For example, if you purchase a 60- month warranty and the battery life is 41 months, the warranty is then pro- rated. The company will calculate the months used towards the battery and have a price that is almost identical to the new battery pricing to initially buy another battery! Sounds like a great deal at first; but is not always the best financial option in the end!

Whereas, with the Full Replacement Warranty option, there are usually no fees involved! There are exceptions and exclusions as there are with all warranties but there are NO fees! That’s what we have to offer you here! What a great guarantee!



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