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Deep Cycle Batteries VS Golf Cart Batteries

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Let’s first bring value to the fact that golf cart batteries are in fact deep cycle batteries. Though they are a type of deep cycle batteries, we are here to explain the most common differences between the golf cart batteries for golf carts and deep cycle batteries for applications such as RV’s and boats.

1. Physically The most noticeable difference would probably be the size of the batteries. The deep cycle batteries are much smaller than the golf cart batteries.

2. Classifications Golf cart batteries are made in three different classifications based upon their voltage: thus including 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt. Whereas deep cycle batteries are all designed as 12-volt batteries.

3. Amperage Another difference would be their amperage output. On average the typical golf cart battery ranges from 600 to 1800 amperes depending on the specific golf cart. While the deep cycle battery remains the same in output for every cell within the battery. With the deep cycle battery, the consistency ranges from 80 amperes to 500 amperes. This difference here is where the golf cart batteries’ abilities to supply such higher amps is helpful in things like going up steep hills whereas majority of deep cycles in boats and RV applications, less amperage is plenty.

4. Temperature Temperature would also be different between the two. While the deep cycle batteries carry a lower charging temperature range; the 12-volt golf cart being the highest. The deep cycle is very seldom charged at a higher rate than 90 degrees as golf cart cells are usually much higher.

5. Charging The golf cart battery charger and deep cycle battery charger are different chargers. In most applications, deep cycle batteries needing a start may be by their selves or charge alongside a starting battery while golf cart batteries are charged in a series of multiple batteries. Both situations; while you don’t want them to be completely run down, they do have a built-in memory similar to phones that require a full charge then recharge as the batteries go low. Changing too often will have the batteries expecting a charge more often than needed.

While there are some instances these golf cart and deep cycle batteries could co- exist and work in replacement of each other, their make up is quite a bit different and work at their best abilities for their correct applications.

If you need batteries for applications requiring deep cycle or golf cart batteries, please contact us for the best pricing! We can also share with you whether a deep cycle or golf cart battery will in fact work best with your application!

Thankful to the following sources for excellent and helpful information: - Power Talk - Battery Man Talk - Battery Chargers Lab


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