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8 Things To Keep in Your Car At All Times!

While we all know it is best to avoid driving and traveling when the weather is wet, cold, snowy, or icy, sometimes it’s not always possible. Those times with family and friends are very important and we get that! When traveling especially with family and friends, we always want to make sure our safety is priority number one. Here are 7 great items to keep handy in a car just in case!

  1. Kitty Litter While it works great for cats, it also works great as a de-icer for those slick spots that are easy to get the tires stuck in. If you just put a small amount in front of the tires, it a lot of times will help the tires get rolling again!

  2. Multi-Wick Candles These candles can be a great source of warmth when stranded in unforeseen situations. Don’t forget the matches or lighters to light them!

  3. Ice Scraper This one definitely seems self- explanatory! It is always a good idea to have a scraper of some sort for the windows and mirrors during inclement weather conditions.

  4. Blankets While these are a great idea in general for car rides since most large coats are no longer deemed safe for car seats, they are also great for unforeseen situations leaving you out in the cold. Blankets are an excellent source of warmth from the below freezing temperatures.

  5. Hats & Gloves While blankets work great as a healthy source of heat, hats and gloves are also an expensive source to provide warmth to everyone in the vehicle.

  6. Jump Starter You’re with family and your car won't start in the below freezing weather- what are you left to do? This problem has a quick resolution! Keeping a jump starter in your vehicle makes jumping a battery simple and quick! Two we sell and have had some great experience with is within the NOCO Series: GB20 and GB40!

  1. A Paper Map While we all rely heavily on our phones and navigation systems in our car, it is always a great idea to have a “back-up” plan with a paper map in the car. With power surges and batteries in our electronics always having the chance of dying, a good paper copy is always helpful.

  2. Water Whether it be a bottle of water or a jug, it is a great idea to keep water available in the car. Being stuck in any situation, let alone a cold wintery situation, it is less than ideal for anyone to become dehydrated

Batteries are also a great detail to double check to maintain a healthy preventative for any future problems while traveling! Stop by today and have your battery checked before your adventure!

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