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3 Great Winterizing Battery Tips

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

As these winter days reach negative zero climates, it is a great time to ensure all your batteries will last throughout this crazy weather. Statistics state a fully charged lead- acid battery will only hold about half of its ampere hour ratings in 5 degree weather compared to warm temperatures; thus making it near impossible for the vehicle to start as needed throughout the cold winter days. Did you know at even 20 degrees a battery can begin freezing? When at this stage, if the battery has been left alone, it will in fact freeze and damage to the battery cannot be fixed.

To ensure your battery will get the job done right and avoid yearly battery replacement, here are a few ideas to help ensure your vehicle starts every time it is expected to!

  1. Battery Charger/ Maintainer There are numerous types of battery charger maintainers available on the internet and even in most auto parts stores. The type we have found to be most successful has been the NOCO series. Something great about this option is you can also maintain many other types of applications with these types of chargers.

  2. Cleaning the Battery Corrosion Many times, corrosion accumulates around the battery posts and terminal ends. When this happens, the connection to transmit the initial charge for the battery to start becomes very difficult. Fortunately, corrosion in itself doesn't always mean you will have to replace the battery. There are other ways to help clean the terminals and posts to help the battery perform at it’s best again. There are multiple options to help keep the corrosion as well as prevent corrosion. We have found these options work very well. *ALWAYS keep in mind batteries are filled with acid and acid can hurt the skin as well as burn through clothing so it is a great idea to put clothes on that may get ruined as well as gloves to keep your skin from being affected.

  3. Do Your Research On The Best Battery For You Another great way to ensure your battery will not only survive but also flourish during the very low temperatures is to find the best battery for your application. It is a great idea to compare pricing within multiple stores. You want to be sure you have the correct battery that meets your vehicle’s OEM standards. If you're unsure of which battery may be best for your specific vehicle, you should contact a battery specialist near you. These questions can also be answered by reaching out to one of our battery experts at Best Battery. We also carry a variation in batteries for all types of vehicles and can help you find what will work best in helping to prevent car troubles during the cold winter months.

Thankful to the following sources for excellent and helpful information: - Car Bibles - Battery Stuff


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