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How are batteries recycled?

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Making the environment greener one battery at a time!


1. Batteries are first collected in recycling centers like our shop, Best Battery. Where they are band and palletized.

2. Then are then transported to a smelter from the recycling center.

3. The batteries are separated by lead, plastic, and acid through a battery breaker.

4. The acid is neutralized and processed through such plan before each part is disposed of by proper regulations.

5. The battery plates, terminals, and various pieces are compiled together to re- produce lead alloys for new batteries!

6. All of the plastic pieces are washed and converted into pellets that will be used in making new battery containers and covers!

7. The remainder of the scrap battery that is not used in either of the previous processes are disposed in a Class 1 dump which is the most environmentally place possible for these items to go!

We are proud to maintain the beginning of this recycling process to provide the environment with the greenest cycle possible!




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