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AGM Batteries

It's hard to believe AGM, Absorbed Glass Mat, batteries have been around since the 1980's, isnt it? They have always been reliably used for military aircraft as well as vehicles for UPS. Because the sulfuric acid is absorbed by the fiberglass mat, it makes the battery spill- proof.

There is very little internal resistance within an AGM battery which helps the battery to deliver such high currents at a drop of a hat. Not only do these batteries offer a higher quality of current and are spill proof, but they are also alot of times lighter than other batteries.

These batteries are now very well- known for motorcycles and ATVs. Their spill- proof technology gives ease to the bumps and quick turns these type of applications can incur.

With the quality of these batteries, it is also very common to see the cost at a higher rate than the flooded batteries. But with the higher price tag comes a better quality and usually longer lasting battery.

We have various options available for your convenience within our store front location at 1112 Swift in North Kansas City!

*Big Thanks To Battery University for all of the helpful and useful information.



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