We also carry various batteries that not all places carry within the store location. We have batteries for your kid's power wheels, alarm systems, exit lights, UPS systems, and even alkaline batteries of multiple sizes!

Alkaline Energizer Batteries: We usually carry AA, AAA, C, D, 9V. Call for update pricing!

Power Wheels: There are various options in the power wheels series. We do not carry all of them but do carry the most common.

12V Orange Battery                      00801-1776                            $61.95

                                                      12V Grey Battery                         00801-0638                            $61.95

                                                       6V Blue Battery                         00801-1457                             $23.95

                                                       6V Red Battery                          00801-0712                             $33.95

We also carry chargers:
12V Grey Battery Charger             $24.95

6V Blue Battery Charger              $18.95

6V Red Battery Charger         $24.95

We carry SLA (Sealed- Lead Acid Batteries) in MANY sizes that will work for UPS systems, Exit lights, and Alarm systems! We try to always have the best pricing and offer case quantity discounts when applicable.

Please call for the most update pricing!

We have found ourselves a great group of referral to in regards to Power Wheels! The group is for all Power wheels and related fans. They are there to help each other achieve big dreams with their little machines. The group is open but not limited to buying, selling, promoting modified ideas. Click here to join!