Things To Know
How to dispose of my old battery

  Best Battery disposes of all batteries in accordance with the Regulations established by the EPA.

If you purchase a battery during your visit, you can save on the core fee by providing us with your         battery core. However if you do not have the core we will have to attach a core charge to your bill.
You can bring any lead-acid battery into Best Batteries and we will dispose of it for you at no charge, in fact we can pay you for your old batteries, or deduct them from the price of purchase, as long as we have a core for exchange.
Best Batteries also takes other types of batteries. Please check our Recycling page for more information.
Best Batteries Tests and Installs most Batteries for Free

Bring in your battery for a free test to eliminate replacing a battery that is still good. You can trust Best Batteries to only sell you a battery if you need one, count on it.
If you need a battery Best Batteries will happily install it for free on most vehicles.

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Things to Know When Recycling Batteries

Battery Recycling Batteries used in laptops, vehicles, cell phones and other portable electronics represent a   significant recycling challenge. The EPA estimates that over three billion batteries are purchased in the United States each year.

     Batteries contain heavy metals and other elements which can pose a threat to the environment.
​When disposed of improperly, the hazardous materials in batteries can:

​Cause burns or other injury to eyes and skin

Pollute lakes and streams when the metals are burned

        Leach from landfills and enter the water table and ultimately our food supply.